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Critics Miss the Mark on Rihanna's Video

Perhaps if the concept behind “Man Down” had been carried out by an artist like Taylor Swift, someone whose persona leans more toward sweet and innocent, she likely would have drummed up much more public support for the message behind the imagery. People could rally behind the revenge story of a girl whom they actually believed was forced into sex. Rihanna, however, has spent time cultivating a sexy, devil-may-care, half-naked rock-star image that makes her somehow less sympathetic, even after she was physically abused by Chris Brown.

I wrote this piece for The Root and it came out on Friday. I didn’t promo it because the story was a week old by time it dropped (I spent a week working on it… the editing process can hate harder than Skip Bayless sometimes), but I figured I should share. I did write it after all. I’m too arrogant not to share.Β 

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    stop victim-blaming.
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    I’m soooo not a fan of Rihanna, she irritates me to no end, I hate her voice and her style, and I have a theory that...
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    "Does the video have to be as graphic as it is? No. Men also don’t have to rape. That’s an idea worth engaging.” Good...
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